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Host your event at Questrooms!

  • We would be happy to help you organize your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, team-building or kid’s birthday
  • We have cozy area in the reception where you can stay for as long as you want
  • Bigger group? No problem. 12 people can play at the same time and 24 people will make 2 rounds (12 each turn)

Alina Andersson
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So how does that work?

We will be more than happy to help you organize a special events for more than 5 guests. You can choose to play only one room or have an escape room-marathon and escape from two rooms one after another.
You divide into teams, depending on the amount of players
Before, between and after the game you are enjoying yourself in the lounge area: chat, play board games, grab a bite or celebrate your special event
Then you switch rooms and try to escape again

Why is celebrating your special day at Questrooms a great idea?

We all get this question once per year: how do I make this day fun and full of memories?
  1. An escape room is a unique type of entertainment enjoyed by all the guests regardless of gender or age
  2. It’s a new and trendy type of entertainment in Malmö: almost everyone has heard something about escape rooms but many still haven't played one.
  3. You don't have to spend extra money and time to book a restaurant or prepare your own apartment to host your guests: we will set everything up in our cozy lounge area.
  4. Our manager will help you to personalize the game: hide birthday presents in one of the room or adjust a story line according to your specific event.
Read more about quests and how games take place here.

Lounge/Conference room

You can rent our lounge as a part of the package or separately for a small meeting, celebration or a coffee break. The place can easily accommodate up to 10 people and contains among other things:
  • Comfortable armchairs and pillows
  • Swedish fika: coffee, tea and cookies (you can even bring your own food)
  • Board games (when you need a break)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • The cost is 150 SEK/hour and is available under our usual open time

Make your evening even more special with some extra services like
(book 1 week in advance, otherwise contact our manager for availability):
  • Lunch/dinner options (you choose what you want to eat, we help you to order it).
  • Celebration decoration. We will decorate the lounge and reception in style of your special day, the ordered cake and/or dinner will be waiting for you when you finish the quest.
  • Russian style Samovar tea ceremony. Drink tea the different way using the Samovar and enjoy some russian sweets! A nice way to relax after escaping the Russian mafia ☺ (100 SEK)
  • Make your memories stay longer with the help of our professional photographer who can take pictures of you and your friends after the game or follow with you/your kids through the whole quest. You decide! (Available from June)

  • Mafia party game. Our game masters will be happy to hold this exciting psychological role-playing game for you and your friends. Get a group of 5-10 people and experience this unique game for yourself!
The game costs 395 SEK/hour and Includes:
  • game master who will hold the game and explain the rules
  • decoration of the lounge
  • game props. (cards, masks, signs, accessories in gangster style)
  • music according to the theme chosen
  • coffee and cookies
Mafia is a psychological role-playing game with a detective story. The plot: Residents of the city, exhausted from the binge of the mafia, can decide to transfer all the mafiosi to prison. At the same time the Mafia declares war until the complete elimination of all decent citizens. Famous for the whole world, the psychological game "Mafia" rally any team in close cooperation and interaction, thus creating all the conditions for understanding and establishing good trusting relations. Such pastime is ideal for an event like birthday, kickoff or teambuilding. This game is a perfect entertaining and will remain in memory for a long time! Read more here.

If you have any questions or you are ready to book a holiday, call our manager right now
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