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Reality quests for kids in Malmö

Kids love quests! Here you are to touch, try and examine different things in the room. Search for hidden clues, push buttons, pull leavers and even more exciting stuff! All this happens in an exciting environment with sounds and technical special effects. The task are challenging and demanding, but at the same time an exciting way to spend some time for kids from 7 to 12 years of age. The quest who are normally crafted for adults are set in a special mode so that the kids also find it fun and get the chance to escape and win!
Our rooms: “Jailbreakers” and “Home alone”, are perfect places to have a birthday party! We can arrange for special gifts to be hidden inside the rooms for the kids to find. And with the help of our game masters, the kids will solve all quests and escape as heroes! Afterwards you can enjoy a cake and soda/coffee if you have preordered that, in our lounge.

Kids rooms

We made our Prison Break room available for kids of 7-12 years old (2-6 players). A special escape mode has been developed for the room adjusting the game scenario and puzzles for kids. The group will have to be accompanied by an adult or one of our entertainers, dressed up as a character (one of the prisoners). This person will take the children through the game in a fun and adventurous way, creating a unique atmosphere and give them hints if needed. The cost of the entertainer is – 250 sek. We recommend you to use the services of our gamemaster because they can keep track of the time and know all the tricks in the game. They will help the kids to think in the right direction, solve all the puzzles in right time and eventually escape from the prison! At the same time as children play “Jailbreakers” parents can try to escape mafia in our “Russian mafia” room (2-6 players).

Attention: Please, note that in case you want to book our entertainer you should specify this in the comment field when you book the game. You should also make your booking minimum two days before the event, if you wish to play sooner please call us at +46 76 195 3237 and we will try to help you.


Special events for children in Malmö

Real-life room escape is a cool birthday gift in itself. But you can always order additional services and make this day truly unforgettable.

Additionally to the escape game, you can book our cozy lounge for your special event. Before or after the game you kids can listen to music, play board games, chat and eat a cake! Our lounge room can accommodate up to 10 little escapees at once.

Optionally, we can decorate our reception according to the theme of the party upon your request. We can also hide your present in the room and lead your child to find it, order a delicious cake, provide some snacks and make sure your kids are having a blast.

We can even offer a professional photographer to make sure that the good memories will stay with you for a long time!

Make your kids birthday unforgettable with real-life room escape game!

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