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Teambuilding activity for kickoff and corporate event

Can be played: at the office, in a garden or at any private event
20 - 200 persons
Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Anywhere in Skåne!
Age: from 14 years
We are happy to introduce our Mobile Quest system with 9 different stations! Play at your office, in a park or at your party! We take it to any place in Skåne without extra costs. You will need to split into smaller groups and compete with your friends/colleagues to be the quickest to solve the tasks. At every station you earn points that you later use to bid at the Auction. You will engage all your senses as well as the brain and dexterity, but most importantly you will have to work as a team in order to succeed! All printed material, questions and other tasks in the game can easily be adapted to your business or theme of the event.
Who can play?
Companies of 20-200 people, both corporate customers and individuals. We can also use your pictures and other material that make the game personal and unique. Great for birthdays, weddings, kick-offs or other festivities where you need to entertain a lot of people at once!
Attention: This is a mobile system and we drive it out to you, free of charge within Skåne. It is NOT possible to play at Questrooms i Malmö and therefore we need to see your premises before so that we can plan where to place the stations and make a map for the participants. Because the game requires some preparations you should order it the latest three weeks before the event (can be possible later, check with manager). When ordering the latest 10 days before the event only the basic version is available (the theme is not adapted to your event/business).